In a world of disruptions, some will be storytellers and some will be story makers. It is the story makers that will be the hero of the future. Are you ready to transform your business and become a story maker?

Step into a brave new world, where technological change, social transformation, and corporate disruption are the new norms. How will you prepare for the future growth of your business in a landscape filled with uncertainty?

What do we do?

"Nothing is permanent in this wicked world,
not even our troubles"~Chaplin

At the Department of the Future, we solve problems and create new opportunities for your business. We are driven by the confluence of rapid technological change, fundamental level policy shift, and systemic and the ongoing impact on your business. Our goal is to accelerate structural transformation and design growth models which enable both prosperity and social wellbeing.

How do we do this?

Understanding the complex equation of technology versus societal wants and needs, and how automation and algorithmic intelligence are already impacting economic development, is the foundation of our approach. From here, we define the emerging narratives that can drive real change.

Based on these clear insights, we then design and build innovative programs and concepts to address well-defined strategic challenges. The outcome we aim for is secure and high growth potential.

We help organizations and governments take a step back and look holistically at the very nature of innovation and ask the following questions:

How can governance modules impact society and its growth, both in the short and long term?

And how can we redesign the policy-making process to secure future opportunities and build for scale?

We help you take on the world

We live in an exponential and asymmetric world where we cannot rely on linear thinking to pave the way for multi-dimensional growth. The complexity and intertwining nature of technology, society, and policy, as well as unprecedented changes in the global economy, are a harsh reality. In themselves, they do not offer a pathway to a transformative future.

While individuals have access to computation power and intelligent algorithms, governments and corporate structures find themselves struggling to keep up.

We help companies and governments challenge the status quo and take the lead in areas that will secure brand sustainability, scalability, and ongoing prosperity.

Who are we?

We're a group of 20 senior forward thinkers, strategists, futurologists, artists, writers and business designers that have come together because we want to make a difference in the world.

We see innovation as a tool that can be used by assertive leadership to enable the monetization of invention and creativity. Based upon your explicit and implicit needs we can engender a culture of experimentation. Without such experimentation and awareness of the fundamental questions, your business may have trouble realizing a future which is both sustainable and profitable.

Our expertise

“An investment in knowledge
pays the best interest.”~Benjamin Franklin

  • Developing go-to-market disruptive/transformative innovation programs and strategies
  • Establishing innovation and skunk-work units
  • Building innovation leadership competence
  • Mentoring senior management, innovation managers and project leaders
  • Crisis management communication
  • Extracting unseen IP value within innovation workstreams
  • Designing and building innovation and partnership ecosystems (start-ups and MNs, communities, universities and thought leaders)
  • Foresight and ideation
  • Eye-opening keynotes
  • Internal/external communication and public relations opportunities
  • Investment due-diligence

To engage with us

Erik Gulbrandsen  

Founding Partner - Head of Strategy and Growth
+46 73-502 42 83‬

Felipe Wigren 

Managing Partner - Head of ecosystems
+46 72-933 36 64‬

Side note

We are not a design agency; we don’t develop applications or build websites, we don’t like buzz words, we are not management consultants, we do not compete on price, nor we are cheap. The traditional firms do not understand us, but it doesn’t change the fact that we are the best at what we do.